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Why You Should Only Contract Registered Professionals

It can be a tricky business finding a good contracted professional, to clean your offices for you, especially if your office is particularly large. If you take up an entire building, you’re going to need teams of cleaners to manage all the floors of your office, and you’ll probably hire them out under your own company’s name. But, if your office isn’t that big, or if you only take up one floor of a building, you might not need a big team of cleaners, and that’s where the catch is.

If you hire a professional cleaner, who hasn’t established their company, or their name yet, are you certain they can be trusted? Can they clean your offices without disturbing your staff’s work, or putting their files away, where your staff can’t find them? Here are a few reasons why you should contract registered professionals. It might break the bank a little, but their services are worth it.

They Understand Your Staff’s Work Is Confidential

Registered cleaners know that everything your staff does is related to the business you’re running. If they are careless enough to leave out confidential documents, you won’t have to worry about the information being stolen or used for illegal purposes. Registered cleaners understand that some documents and some projects you might be undertaking are important and require a degree of confidentiality. So, they won’t pry into your employee’s work.

They Will Be Thorough

If you’re contracting someone who isn’t registered, you can never be sure if they’ll do the job, they promised you. For example, your employees could leave dirty coffee mugs or plates in the sink, and the cleaners you’ve hired might not be in the mood to clean them up, and when you arrive in the morning, you’ll find those mug and plates still in the sink collecting last night’s bacteria. With registered cleaners, you know they’ll do the job, because it’s in their contract to do so. So, there won’t be any dirty plates for you to deal with in the morning, and your carpets will be spotless, even if you’ve stained it badly the day before.

Trust Them To Go Above And Beyond

A registered cleaner will always go above and beyond their call of duty. Whether it’s reporting a problem with the equipment they’re using, or if there was a tough stain they couldn’t completely remove, they’ll inform you as soon as they can, even if it’s the middle of the night. Of course, they’ll inform their employers, first and foremost, if they come from a hired company, and then inform you. So, you know exactly what’s going on and how your cleaners intend to fix the problem.

E Cleaning Solutions is a registered company, you can be sure will do the work we promised you. Our dedicated team of cleaners will ensure your offices are in the best conditions they can be, and you won’t have to worry about us taking risks with your business practices. We understand the necessity for confidentiality and promise to be discreet for the sake of your business.


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