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The Risks Of Accepting The Lowest Bidders For Your Company’s Cleaning Contract

While you might believe that the cheaper the service, the better, truth couldn’t be further. Even though a cheaper contract might save you money, it might not save your office from harmful pathogens that might still be present, even after they’ve done their job. That’s why it’s always best to check your higher offers. After all, your lowest bidders will be too good to be true, and you might not be getting the right services for the money you paid for.

So, here are a few reasons why you should always check, before accepting the lowest bidders for your company’s cleaning contract.

Your Cleaners Might Not Respect Privacy

Of course, it is frowned upon, and is illegal in some cases, for anyone outside of your business, to see and use the data your company has on its employees and clients. But that rule doesn’t stop everyone. If your contracted cleaners are in a bit of a pinch, there is nothing they won’t do to get a little extra cash, and that includes exposing the data for your business and your clients.

They Might Not Have The Right Resources

While a low offer might be a dream come true, that doesn’t mean your cleaners will be equipped with the right resources. It might mean you’ll have to buy the cleaning solutions they’ll need, or the equipment like vacuum cleaners and pressure washers. You’ll eventually find yourself with a larger expense bill than if you’d taken the higher offers. Essentially, it will cost you more, to take the lower offer, because you might be the one paying for their expenses, rather than the company they work for.

You’ll Have To Constantly Pay For Repairs

Of course, even if your cleaners do their job well, the fact of the matter is, every now and then, the equipment they use will need topping up, or repair jobs, or even replacements. It’s highly unlikely their company will provide that service for you, and eventually you’ll have to take up the expense yourself. Thus, adding more expenses to your bill. That’s why it’s important to read the contracts you take. While a higher offer might look daunting, they might include services that would benefit you and your company’s budget.

Be Wise And Read The Contract

So, before taking the lowest bidder for your company’s cleaning contract, be sure to read through it first. Look at each of your bidders and see which one is more suitable for your office. Even if they might be scraping the top end of your budget, at least measure the services they provide with that of your lowest bidders. Rule out the services you don’t want or need, and remember, to make sure that the company you do pay for provides the services you do need. You don’t want any surprise expenses coming your way once you’ve signed them on. So, make sure you’ve double checked their contract before you accept their offer.


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