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Restrooms – The Most Important Rooms To Clean

One of the most important rooms in your office building is none other than the restroom, which should be no surprise. Restrooms are a hive for microbial and bacterial activity. They’re the breeding grounds for them, and if they aren’t properly cleaned, you can be sure that you and your employees will not be happy about that.

That’s why it’s important to ensure they’re always clean, for both hygiene and aesthetic reasons. After all, a clean and aesthetically pleasing restroom will be the one your employees use more. So, ensure your restrooms are always spotless.

It’s Basic Hygiene

How often do you clean your bathrooms, at home? Every week? Every day? The same must be said for your office restrooms, and even more frequently than that, because you’re not the only one using that restroom. It’s all about maintaining the restroom’s service, so that your employees and colleagues won’t feel uncomfortable using perfectly functionable restrooms, in your office.

Most often than not, the hygiene standards of your restrooms, will affect the productivity of your employees. If they’re not happy with your office’s restrooms, they’ll be less inclined to work in the office, thus costing your business good productivity levels.

Keep It Fully Stocked

If you’ve walked into a restroom, in a shopping mall, or a public area, you’ll find that because of the amount of people using it, every day, there is always a lack of necessities like toilet rolls, paper towels, and even hand soap. Make sure your office’s restrooms are always fully stocked, so that your employees won’t feel like they’re using public restrooms.

Also, ensure that the equipment and accessories in your restrooms are fully functional and available, such as the sink faucets, hand dryers, towel dispensers and, in the case of the women’s bathroom, a sanitary bin is included in every cubicle. Your employees shouldn’t have to feel inconvenienced, when using the restroom, especially if they’re already stressed from their daily work schedule.

It’s About The Psychology Of Aesthetics

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that an employee will use a clean restroom than one that is just maintained. If we use the public restroom analogy again, you’ll understand that while they might be maintained regularly, because of the amount of people using it, and the condition that they’re left in, it’s highly unlikely anyone will use them, unless they are absolutely desperate.

Why would you want that for your restrooms? Make sure your restrooms are in the best condition they can be, even if it means adding a plant here and there, or adding extra amenities that will assure your employees your restrooms are always clean and in good condition.

Trust The Professionals

We at E Cleaning Solutions, will guarantee that your restrooms will be sparklingly clean and in the best condition they can be. Our dedicated professionals will always put in their best effort to ensure your restrooms will be up to hygienic codes and ensure that it is a safe space, for your employees to use.


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