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Reducing The Risk Of COVID-19 In Your Workplace

It should come as no surprise that every office building must have COVID-19 restrictions in place, that means social distancing, wearing face masks, keeping your workplace sanitised and always washing your hands. While nowadays, these restrictions are being hammered into our heads, it is always best to remember, these restrictions were always in place to begin with. The only reason we’re being made to pay attention now, is because we’ve forgotten about them, and have bypassed most of them, because they were pointless.

However, because the COVID-19 pandemic is virulent and can be deadly, even as deadly as the regular flu virus, we must remember to adhere to these restrictions. That means making sure your workplace is clean. If you cough, make sure you cover your mouth and sanitise your hands afterwards. Practice social distancing, and always wear a mask, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Stay Safe, Stay Distanced

You should have heard about social distancing by now. Most of the time, it can be done, especially if you’re in outdoor spaces, but what about when you’re inside a building, let alone your own office? It can be difficult to maintain a 2-meter gap between each other, especially if you’re in a rush to complete a task, or if you’re carrying heavy equipment to and from the office.

However, most of the time, you’ll be in a cubicle, with dividers protecting you from your colleagues, or at the very least, you’re seated around a large table. In these instances, either place your colleagues or staff, in every other seat or cubicle. Reduce the number of staff members present in one day, stagger their timetables and try to get them to work from home, as much as you can, so that your office can carry out their social distancing measures, without too much worry.

Wear The Right PPE

In many cases, wearing a mask to not only protect yourself, but those around you as well is important, but you need to wear the right kind of masks for the right kind of job roles. After all, a simple surgical mask won’t protect you, if you work in a hospital full of COVID-19 patients. Similarly, wearing face shields, in an office seems like overkill, especially if you’re already observing social distancing rules. So, take into consideration, your working environment, and whether it’s at high-risk environment or not.

Sanitise Your Space

The last think you need to remember is to sanitise your workspace. Even if it is through wiping down every surface you touch, with antibacterial wipes, or even spraying your surfaces with disinfectant. Make sure your space is sanitised and be an example to your staff and colleagues. It won’t hurt, and it won’t cost you too much time or money, especially if you hire contract cleaners to help fully disinfect your office space. After all, while they may do a full sweep of your office, while you’re not there, it will help in the long run in keeping the risk minimal. So, make sure you keep your workspace clean and sanitised.


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