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Myths About Carpet Cleaning

It used to be the norm, to think that your carpets are very difficult to clean, or cleaning with certain products will degrade your carpet, but many of these ideas are actually myths that can be debunked. What that means is, what you thought you knew is probably going to be wrong. Here are a few myths that are most certainly false and can be improved on.

Vacuuming Wears It Out

This myth is wrong. Actually, nowadays, carpets are much more durable, and made with materials that can withstand the power of a vacuum’s suction. Your carpets won’t wear out, even if you vacuum every day. So, the fear that it will is unjustified. The best thing to do is use a fully functioning vacuum cleaner, meaning its vacuum head isn’t broken and you and your cleaners can use it without any problem.

Steam Cleaning Uses Water Meaning More Bacterial Growth

Again, this is not true. Steam cleaning doesn’t use any water, at least any water directed towards the carpet. What it uses is steam, which is literally evaporated water and perhaps some cleaning solution. Essentially, if the cleaner is professionally trained in steam cleaning, you won’t get any bacterial growth on your carpets. The reason why is because they know not to focus on one spot for too long. Any longer than necessary will saturate your carpet, and that will lead to mildew and mould. So, professional steam cleaners know what to do to prevent that.

The Baking Soda Hack Works!

Baking soda doesn’t work. While it’s a great odour absorber, it’s a temporary solution. Yes, you can put it in the fridge and remove last week’s food odours, but when applying it to carpets and large spaces, it doesn’t. Unless you eliminate the source of the odour, you won’t eliminate the odours completely. So, all you’re left with is a gritty carpet with baking soda clumps that will need to be vacuumed up anyway. The best thing you can do is ensure your carpet is deep cleaned and steam cleaned by professionals who know what they’re doing.

Any Carpet Cleaner Will Do

This is simply not true. Store bought or commercial carpet cleaners do not help carpets whatsoever, unless the manufacturer of your carpets tell you otherwise. These cleaners can be chemically harsh and can do a lot of irreversible damage to your carpets. It’s best to actually consult your carpet supplier about what the best cleaning solutions would be for your carpets, because then you’ll know what works for your carpet and what doesn’t. And once you do, you’ll be able to tell your professional cleaners exactly what treatments your carpets need, to remove any stain on your carpets.

Do Your Research

If anything, do your research before you buy carpets for your offices and ask yourself if they’re really necessary. When you’ve made your decision, and carpets are a necessary for your office, then be certain you know exactly what kind of materials your carpet is made of, and how to treat them. After that, it’s up to the professionals, like us, to ensure that your carpets remain clean for however long you need them.


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