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Is Your Workplace/Office Clean?

If you work in a commercial building, that is, in an office with hundreds of other workers in the same building, you’ll find that while it may look pristine and clean, your desk, the hallways, the bathrooms and yes, even the kitchens are breeding grounds for billions of germs. And you’re spending 8 hours in the same room as all those germs.

Most of the time, those germs are harmless, and actually can be good for your immune system, because by being exposed to them, you’re actually immunising yourself against them, but that doesn’t mean they can’t become malignant. In fact, you’ll have a higher chance of catching something that does harm you, if you don’t clean your workplace or office regularly.

Germs Are Everywhere

You might be someone who does like to keep everything you touch clean, and maybe you have cleaning wipes next to you, but unlike the package says, it doesn’t destroy all the bacteria in your workspace. It mostly just delays the growth of new bacteria.

More often than not, even if you wipe down a surface, bacteria will almost always grow again, because your cleaning wipes and sprays don’t destroy every microbe that’s present on your desk, your phone, your keyboard or your mouse.

So, it’s almost always guaranteed that you’ll find your office and desk completely covered again in the morning, no matter how much you wipe it down.

Cleanliness Affects Psychology

It should come as no surprise that cleanliness affects psychology, since the cleaner a space, the harder you and your employees will work. If an office is messy, and all your files are everywhere, you’ll have a difficult job to find them, even if you do know where it is.

You’ll have to navigate the piles of paperwork lying around, or worse yet, you’ll find wrappers, packets, leftovers and a whole host of things that you can’t remember ever using. So, why keep an untidy office? The cleaner your office, the more productive you’ll be.

By having your office cleaned regularly, you won’t have to worry about trying to find the paperwork you need, or the important note that has important names, dates and passwords. So, increase your productivity, and the productivity of your employees and colleagues, with a clean and tidy office.

Trust Us

We at E Cleaning Solutions Pte Ltd can guarantee your office will be at its best, the next time you walk in. Our dedicated teams will ensure every inch of your office is cleaned, and everything you need will be where it needs to be. We pride ourselves on a high standard and can ensure the best quality cleaning services for your office.

We understand the importance of a clean office environment, especially now of all times. Trust us to ensure that you’ll feel safe walking into your own offices, without having to bring in your own cleaning tools. Our teams are dedicated to providing excellent services that will leave your offices sparkling and shining in the morning.


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