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Does Your Office Carpet Need Cleaning? If So, How Often?

It’s safe to say every office carpet needs cleaning, because carpets can be a breeding ground of harmful microbes, if you don’t clean them thoroughly. But how often do your carpets need cleaning? That’s the more important question, because if you don’t know when to clean them, the more harmful it can be to you and your colleagues.

So, it’s important to know when to clean your carpet and make sure that they have been cleaned. To do that, you need to understand a few things about what happens in the office, like how often is the office used, how much traffic does the office get, and what kind of activities often occur in the office. It’s important to know how much dirt or soil is tracked into the office, so you can determine how often you need to clean your carpets.

Know The Traffic

Before you start looking at cleaning your carpet, look at how many people come and go in your office. By observing how many people enter your office, and how much dirt and mud they are constantly tracking into the space, you’ll understand why you need to clean your carpets often. The more traffic coming into your office and the more dirt and mud they track with them, the more often you’ll have to clean your carpets.

Know The Carpet

Another thing you need to think about is the material the carpet is made of before you start thinking about cleaning it. Different materials require different treatments, so talk to the carpet manufacturer, or make sure you do your research, before laying carpet in your offices, to make sure you know how and when to clean it, according to their recommendations.

Determine Problem Areas

Lastly, before establishing a cleaning schedule, find out which of your carpeted rooms see more activity than others. If you’ve carpeted a storeroom that’s hardly used, a simple vacuum could do the trick, and perhaps an occasional treatment. But, if an actual office is carpeted, and sees a lot of meetings or activity, you’re going to need to clean it a lot more often. So, make sure you know which areas of your office sees more activity, so you know that cleaning those areas are of a higher priority than those that see less.

Establish A Schedule

Now that know you how often your office sees activities, what materials the carpet is made from, and where those activities take place, you can start drawing up a cleaning schedule. Often, carpets need vacuuming at least once a week, and deep treatments at least once a year, but if your office sees more activity than most, you’ll need to deep clean your carpets at the very most once a month.

Make sure that your cleaners know when a simple vacuum or spot check is needed, and when they might need to call in professionals to treat your carpets. Otherwise, entrust all your carpet cleaning needs to a company like ours, to ensure all your carpet cleaning needs are seen to, so you don’t have to constantly negotiate with more than one company.


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