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5 Tips To Keep Your Workplace Free From The Flu

We don’t always think that we’ll get the flu, if we don’t go out, especially if we’re simply going from the house to the office in a car. After all, you’re not exposed to the cold, nor are you exposed to the outside world where the flu can come from. That thinking is wrong. The office is the easiest place you can get the flu from. While you’re not exposed to the outside world, you’re still exposed to other people, even if you’re separated by a cubicle or wall.

By meeting someone, who you don’t live with, you’re exposing yourself to the flu, even if you know that person is always hygienic and clean. So, how do you defend against that risk? There are many ways you can do that, and we’ve listed 5 ways you can defend yourself against the flu.

1. Always Wash Your Hands

This goes for anywhere and everywhere you are that’s not your home. No matter how clean a surface, handrail, or item, it is still covered in bacteria and microbes that could easily harm you. That’s why if you touch anything or handle any item, wash your hands afterwards. While it won’t remove everything, it’ll at least remove most of the harmful microbes that could enter your system and give you the flu.

2. Keep Hand Sanitisers Around

With the paranoia about COVID-19 still around, you’ll need to remember to keep hand sanitisers with you, whether it’s in your bag, on your desk, or if your workplace can provide it, in dispensers around the office. Keeping hand sanitisers around and using them periodically will ensure that even if you’ve touched something that could infect you, you’ll be protected, for a short while. Of course, relying on hand sanitisers isn’t an all-round solution, you’ll still need to wash your hands every now and then.

3. Wipe Down Your Surfaces

To really make sure your workplace is free from the flu, every surface you use should be wiped down thoroughly, regardless of if it is done by you or your cleaners. If you use a surface, wipe it down with sanitising wipes or even just a damp cloth. While a damp cloth might not completely clean a surface, it at least reduces the amount of bacteria on it and ensures that the surface is still safe to use once you’re done.

4. Cover Your Mouth Every Time You Cough Or Sneeze

You’ll hear this phrase all the time because it is vital you do. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the flu, or symptoms of it. When you cough, you’re not only spraying water vapours from your own mouth, but the microbes that resides in it harmlessly. Those microbes can easily become harmful and cause the flu, for someone who hasn’t been exposed to them. So, cover your mouth with a tissue, handkerchief, or your hand, when you cough or sneeze, and remember to wash it afterwards.

5. Trust Your Cleaners To Do The Job

You’re not alone in wanting to keep your office clean. In fact, your cleaners will do their very best to ensure they’re safe for all staff members, clients, and visitors, who attend to your offices regularly. So, they’ll ensure your workspace is free from the flu. If you’ve not managed to wipe down your surfaces, your cleaners will do that for you, and if you trust us at E Cleaning Solutions, we’ll guarantee a spotless office every morning.


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