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5 Tips On Office Spring Cleaning

While it’s always a good idea to call in a professional, to clean your offices, there is always something you and your employees could do, to help. That doesn’t mean you should wipe down your surfaces every day, what it means is ensuring your workspace is tidy, so that your cleaners won’t have to navigate around the daily clutter you might make, to ensure your office is clean.

So, even though you might be busy with your daily projects, tasks and even deadlines, don’t forget to take a few minutes to clean your workspace, to make sure you’re maximising the cleanliness and hygiene of your office. Here are 5 tips on how to help with spring cleaning your office.

1. Declutter Your Desk

It’s no surprise that throughout the days, weeks, months and even years that you work in your office, your standards of cleanliness might lower, since it’s a space you use all the time, and it’s not something you really think about.

So, declutter your desk. Not only will it help your cleaners, but it’ll also help with your own productivity. After all, a cleaner desk makes for a cleaner mind. So, you can focus on your projects and deadlines, without having to worry about the mess.

2. Organise Your Drawers

The same thing goes for your drawers, as your desk. While you might not use your drawers often, and it’s probably a place for your old and finished files, that doesn’t mean it’s not important to make sure they’re organised as well. After all, you might need them in the future.

So, save yourself a headache, searching for them. Organise your drawers, but taking out the files you no longer need, and arranging the ones you do need so you can easily access them.

3. Detangle Your Wires

It can be an oversight, when thinking about the wires for your computers, phones, and whatever gadgets you might use for your desk. So, make sure you use cable organisers, in case you might need to unplug your equipment for any reason.

Don’t worry, these organisers are cheap and easy to find. You can even find cord baskets or cord protectors on Amazon. So, don’t worry, they won’t break your budget.

4. Reset Your Notes

If you’re the type of person to pin up notes and photos onto your walls, you might want to re-evaluate them. Make sure they’re not old or redundant notes, and if possible don’t post up notes anymore.

After all, if you forgot about them, then there’s no point in keeping them up right? So, make sure your walls aren’t inundated with notes you no longer use, and if possible don’t post them up, that way your office doesn’t look so cluttered.

5. Clean Up Virtually

One of the best ways to clean up your office, if your office is already physically clean, is to clean up your desktop and files. After all, with the world going digital, you’ll find yourself with old files you no longer use or need.

While it’s easy to forget about them, it’s not only clogging up your computer’s space, but it might also even clog up your office’s network. So, clean up your files on your computer, so you can easily access the files you do need.


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