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How professional cleaning in schools can help keep reduce flu outbreaks

A professional school cleaning service can make a significant difference during flu season, reducing the risk of indirect viral transfer via high-touch surfaces. When coupled with effective health/hygiene education among students, this can dramatically reduce the rate of flu outbreaks in your school.

While the flu season is hard on everyone, it is especially hard on teachers and students in schools. While many staff members get a flu shot each year to help prevent infection and keep the virus from spreading, it isn’t a fully effective solution to keeping the flu at bay. Consistent handwashing and sanitizer use do help, but not everyone follows these important flu prevention protocols.

To protect your school against influenza during peak flu season, you’ll need a cleaning service that meets all of the following standards:

Risk Identification. A qualified school cleaning service will be able to identify which areas and items are at greatest risk for attracting and spreading the flu virus.

Disinfection Frequency. Your cleaners should be familiar with how frequently high-risk surfaces require cleaning and disinfection during peak flu season.

Proper Disinfectants. Some disinfectants are only effective for a narrow spectrum of viruses. It’s important that your cleaning staff use products that have been tested for multiple strains of influenza.

Application Methods. Disinfectants can’t eliminate germs they can’t reach, so it’s important that cleaners are educated and equipped to disinfect hard-to-reach spaces.

Professional cleaning services are experts at identifying what areas of the school present the greatest risk of infection such as Door handles, sinks, toilets and classroom doors are going to be high priority areas for daily cleaning and disinfection.

Consistent, Regular Disinfection

Cleaning to prevent a flu outbreak requires a consistent schedule. Cleaning only a few days a week allows the infection to spread, and the longer contaminated areas go without a thorough cleaning and disinfection, the greater the risk that someone will become infected with the flu virus.

Disinfect High Touch Areas

Using disinfectant to clean surfaces and furniture that come in contact with staff and students daily is critical to preventing flu outbreaks. It can be a quick spray and wipe, or a full floor cleaning. Wherever people pass through most and all the surfaces they touch need regular disinfection.

Proper Disinfection and Disinfecting Agents

Not all commercial disinfectants are created equal. A professional cleaning service holds certifications and employs staff with extensive training in selecting the right disinfectant and cleaning agents to prevent flu outbreaks and contain the virus in the event of an outbreak. Narrow spectrum disinfectants are only effective against specific viral strains and certain types of bacteria.

To keep your facility as flu-free as possible, you will need the right cleaning solutions and disinfectants. You can have your faculty and staff clean all surfaces and areas in your school days but if you don’t have the right cleaning products your efforts will be a waste of time and money. It’s best to hire an expert to clean and disinfect everything thoroughly using the right products the first time.

Safe Application of The Right Cleaning Products

Professional cleaning staff knows how to ensure that every surface is spotless and disinfected properly before moving on to the next area.

They also know which products to use for specific cleaning tasks, ensuring that they are cleaning effectively every time they clean and disinfect. Hiring the pros makes a significant difference, and helps maintain high sanitary conditions all over the school.

Engaging with the right cleaning company will save you time and hassle. Speak to us at E Cleaning Solutions Pte Ltd today!

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