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Giving Office Bathrooms a Professional Clean

The bathroom is one of the most basic areas of your office for making a decent by and large impression of your office, organization, practices, and staff to your clients. Nobody wants to enter a restroom with flooding toilet bowls or urinals, empty tissue rolls or the pungent stench that can be among the indications that your bathrooms are not being satisfactorily cleaned. In the event, that your office toilet isn't adequately cleaned, your office is going to leave a deep negative impression on everyone who works or visits you.

There is nothing much more dreadful than a washroom with the stench of urine. In the workplace, unclean toilets can affect productivity through reduced employee morale and frequent sick offs. On the contrary, clean and well-equipped washrooms will help workers to practice personal hygiene.

So how do you ensure that your office toilet is pleasantly clean?

Toilets and urinals must be cleaned well and frequently with the right detergent to guarantee a clean smell.

Urinals should be adequately cleaned including being cleaned down, cleaning handles, screen and supplanting the urinal square routinely.

Ensure all toilet facilities are in good working order.

Keep toilets clean, and the floor dry, at all times.

Clean and sanitise toilet bowls, urinals, and basins.

Clean mirrors, doorknobs, and any other surfaces where there is contact with toilet users.

Spot-clean walls, ledges, vents, and partitions where dirty.

Check for leaks in sanitary pipes, especially at the joints. Any leaks or defects should be rectified immediately.

Use an inspection card to monitor the daily maintenance of the toilet.

Schedule more frequent cleaning during peak hours

Clean facilities make difficult for germs to spread A neat and clean toilet keeps the bacteria and germs at bay. Those offices that focus on cleanliness are better in productivity and having fewer health troubles. These germs can regenerate, if you do not maintain cleanliness at the workspace, hence make sure you have a clean and tidy toilet. Boost Productivity with Less Sick Leaves When you maintain cleanliness at the office, chances of spreading germs reduces. Resultant, No Sick Leaves! Well, that can really work for your business growth. Impress Your Clients Clients matter a lot in your business! You can easily make a special place in their heart with a neat & clean toilet. Undoubtedly, your restroom says a lot about your business. Hence, it is one of the best ways to attract your customers with an aromatic toilet. Show them, you are fond of cleanliness. Looking for a reliable and reputable office cleaning company look no further and contact E Cleaning Solutions Pte Ltd today.

All in all, you can conclude that you can’t miss a single day without cleaning your office premises. However, you can make your task much easier with professional help to sustain the cleanliness & hygiene standards.

Our team makes sure that you will attain above satisfactory cleanliness on all areas in your office.

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