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How do you Know if your Current Office Cleaner is doing a good job?

Office Cleaning Singapore

Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment at your office in Singapore is imperative to improve employee retention and show your customers that you are a well-organized company that cares for the working environment.

For that, you probably use the regular services provided by a cleaning company.

However, how can you know for sure if your current office cleaner is doing a good job? There are some factors you can look at when trying to assess the job performance of your current cleaner.

Here are 4 aspects to have in mind when looking at how your office cleaning agency is performing:

1. They are out very fast: while speed is important when cleaning an office or a building, no team on earth can do a proper job in a matter of minutes. There is no such thing that a cleaning service company faster than the light of speed. A top-quality office cleaning firm should enable their employees to spend a decent amount of time cleaning your office cubicles and adjacent space.

All the areas need to be properly cleaned and they should look like new. Even if the space looks quite clean after the office cleaner leaves, be sure to check for debris behind furniture or dust under the table. If you find any, that's a sign that you should probably call the management of the office cleaning agency.

2. No follow up calls or visits: the management team from the office cleaning company should follow up with you after the cleaners have left the premises. They should collect feedback to ensure that you benefit of top services and you are happy with their workers.

You can be sure that your current office cleaner is doing a marvelous job only if you have the opportunity to leave feedback to their management.

3. Several parts of your office are still dirty: a clear sign that you need to look for another office cleaning company in 2019 is that certain parts of your office are dirty. For example, you might notice that the garbage cans are still full, there is still dust on the desks, the kitchen is a mess or the chairs are not neatly put under the tables.

You need to be fully satisfied by your cleaning company if you want your employees and your customers to be satisfied with you. For that, make sure that you leave constant feedback to their management as to how their team performs, and also ask for feedback from your team to point out specific issues.

4. No equipment for the job: lastly, a serious sign that shows without any shadow of doubt that you should hire another cleaning company is that the actual cleaners are not coming properly equipped for the job. Professional cleaners should always be equipped with all the tools needed for the job. Moreover, the tools and solutions they use should be green and should be environmentally friendly. A Great Alternative to your Office Cleaner If you've realized that your office cleaning agency is not up to the par, you probably want to work with a professional office cleaner that can meet your needs and even exceed your expectations.

At E-Cleaning Solutions, we pride ourselves with being one of the top companies that offer office cleaning Singapore services.

We have the highest service standards in Singapore. Our cleaning services are only performed by highly-qualified and properly trained cleaners who respect the environment and know how to get the job done.

Moreover, to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with our services, we provide routine inspections by management and senior staff members. We respond to your feedback at all times and strive to improve our services and make them even better. You can contact us for any suggestions and we'll make sure to keep it in mind next time we work for you.

We are highly receptive to the needs of each customer and we offer you personalized services to meet all your cleaning needs.

To top it all, we offer the top equipment for the job. All our cleaners are equipped with the most advanced cleaning tools and solutions in order to do a better job and also to protect the environment.

We are continually improving and we continue to add new services to our packages. Contact us now for a quote and we'll send you a personalized proposal.

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