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Most key critical areas or items people are not cleaning in office

A clean workplace is defined as a comfortable environment which gives you a very fresh and sparkling feeling. Cleaning is not just about clean and tidy looking building but it also referring to the healthy and safe environment in which the employees feel active and fresh all the time. Environment and surrounding has a great impact on the routine and mood of the employees whether it is negative or positive, it does leave an impact. In order to make the visitors more comfortable and feel better in your office, it is necessary to have a clean workplace.

There are many reasons due to which you need to have a very clean and proper environment, in order to work and make everything better there is a need of safe environment. In the year 2012 only, almost 3 million of the non-fatal workplace illness and injuries were being reported by the industry of private sector employees. These illness and injuries can only be avoided by having a clean workplace and to ensure that you can avail the service providers that are solely working in order to provide the clean work place.

Let’s discuss the most critical areas where you need to be careful about cleaning, along with the items that you are not focusing on that they should be cleaned too. Not cleaning such items and places can cause virus accumulation or even be a hotspot for spreading of diseases. The risks that one can be taking by not keeping the workplace clean are as follows:

  • In order to prevent the falls and slips you need to clean the floors and dry them too:

In order to maintain a clean environment you have to wash the floors but most of the concern should be about keeping the floor dry. The reason behind keeping the floor dry is that it helps in preventing the falls and slips that can cause serious injuries.

We can take the example that if you have only one cleaner for the whole office he/she might not be able to wash and keep it dry as well. In order to keep all these factors in mind you should go for office cleaning services available in Singapore, that are keeping all the key factors in mind that are essential to maintain a clean workplace. One may also consider alkaline cleaners which are really good for the purpose of cleaning the floors of the hotels etc. while on the other had the acidic cleaners can help you remove the rust, scaling and oxides from the floor.

These things are known by the professionals and they make sure to use the proper stuff for the environment that does not cause any sort of allergy or reaction.

  • Prevention of germs and illness caused by them, for instance the flu:

It is a known fact that germs can be spread easily in the whole work place and it can end up causing a lot of illness and diseases. Especially during the flu season it is very difficult to keep the surrounding of the office clean and hazard free. There is a way to prevent the workplace environment from the spread of germs and that is use of the disinfectants that are registered by EPA. There are many other ways of stopping the germs and their effects that is known by the professionals, our Office cleaning services here in Singapore is taking the responsibility of cleaning the surface for you and without you being worried about the germs. We are going to make sure to use all the professional techniques to stop the spreading of germs in the work place, to keep all the employees safe from the infections.

  • Proper system of Air filtration and keeping the employees safe from the exposure to the substances(harmful):

There are many people that are ignorant to the dust and vapors that are harmful to the people and they are not safe to be existing in the workplace environment. One cannot see them with their eyes but can feel the infections created by them. These substances are hazardous and can cause many type of transmission due to which the employees can face infections like the respiratory infection. These substances are hurdle in keeping the workplace clean and they does not let the workers maintain the productivity and can affect the health.

Cleaning the place regularly like washing the floor every day is not going to help in cleaning these substances from the air, there is a need of HVAC system filters that can prevent the substances from becoming saturated. Also there should be cleaning with the help of vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filters that can easily absorb the fine particles too. The suggestion given by our cleaning company in Singapore is that you should maintain the humidity level around 50 percent by the help of dehumidifier. It is very important to eliminate the air pollutants from the air of the environment.

  • Keeping the light fixtures clean in order to improve the efficiency of lighting:

Most of the people do not have any concerns about the cleaning of the fixtures, especially the dirty light fixtures. In order to maintain the clean workplace and staying safe from the pollution. The one way is the clean light fixtures, because keeping them dirty can reduce the level of lights. It is unsafe and difficult for the employees to complete the daily work assigned to them and can affect their routine too. An ordinary cleaners cannot keep in mind to clean the fixtures too, also keeping the stair ways and the aisles clean is also important and prevents from accidents and helps in a clean environment.

  • Usage of the cleaning products, their effects on the environment and employees/visitors:

Using the cleaning products is an important factor in order to make sure that the chemicals that are being used in the cleaning products are not affecting the environment or the health of an employee. This is a fact that all the cleaning products are not safe and healthy to use. They should be according to the health standard and registered. The cleaning products should meet the specific guidelines and standards. For instance, the Green seal products etc. are used by the professionals, also if you let the professional s do it then they take the whole responsibility that the products that are being used by them are safe for the health and environment they are according to the standard.

Part Time Office cleaning Singapore

  • Proper disposal of waste and recyclable materials keeps work areas clutter-free:

There is no possible way that you should let the trash to pile up, it is suggested that one should not keep the trash because it ends up creating clutter and it is a home to many germs. It becomes a complete safe ground for pests and germs to breed there without any hurdle and they can be a great threat to the environment and to the health. There should be no touch baskets and there should be some specific location where the baskets are placed. Another way is through recycling the materials. Part time office cleaning Singapore makes sure that you are safe from all the germs, it is a suggestion that you should recycle the materials.

End note

Our cleaning agency makes sure to clean all the items that are not kept in mind by the ordinary cleaners. We focus even on the cleaning of blinds and curtains including the carpets, mats and the baskets that are touched by the employees of the workplace. Anything that the employees comes in contact with should be cleaned and maintained in a proper way.

Whenever we wash the floor, we make sure to maintain it dry because it prevents the slips because there is a chance of injury in this case. We make sure to clean all the fixtures that are attached in the workplace and they should not be ignored. The chemicals that are used by us are according to the health standards and you should not have to worry about the ingredients being used. We are here for your safety because we are doing the best for you, we treat you like our own family and your health matters to us. Our cleaning agency is trusted by many workplaces, there are no complains of our cleaning standard till now.

We make sure to clean all the items like the walls, windows, corners, fixtures, assets, the stationery places, the furniture and the floor. We use the alkaline and acidic cleaning products that are of very high quality. We do not take risk when it come to your health, we have our professional techniques to make sure that you are safe while working in the office. Our policy is to deliver the quality in return of your trust.

You ought not to waste more time in thinking if you are concerned about the health and productivity of your employees. Just click here and get our services right away!

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