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The benefits of contracting or outsourcing your office cleaners from a professional office cleaning

Office cleaning agency singapore

When we think of office cleaning, the office auntie comes to mind. The ever so kind and helpful auntie that makes the workplace tidy, clean and happy. It is no surprise many would wonder, so where does professional Office Cleaning Agency come in?

But truth be known, having an extra staff on the company payroll whose role involves non-core business does come with certain pitfalls.

Most companies would choose to hire one cleaning lady without much consideration.

One cleaning staff usually means there is no backup should this staff member be away. Coming back to the first point about clean and happy working environment, the problem can quickly escalate when other staff is not willing to do the cleaning part.

Who should be the one to take out the trash? Clean the pantry? Keep the floors clean? Of course, most staff would choose to concentrate on doing their best in their given roles. Many may not be up for extra cleaning duties.

In a perfect world, many expect and hope for a kindly, helpful cleaning co-worker who is at the office on a permanent basis. However, in real life, are these staff members trained? Are they reliable and consistent? Do they truly add value to our businesses that we have come to expect?

This is where reliable and professional office cleaning agency comes in. Professional cleaning companies usually have their teams of well trained and proven staff. They provide consistent quality in their work and most importantly the much-desired continuity.

Leave this job to the professionals to make your business a well-oiled machine.

Office Cleaning

It is also important to note that with the Environmental Public Health (EPH) Amendment Bill which comes into force in April 2014, all Singapore active and general cleaning businesses must be licensed after 1 September 2014. It is an offense to contract unlicensed cleaning companies for such activities which will result in heavy penalties and fines.

At E Cleaning Solutions Pte Ltd, we provide our licensed teams of cleaning staff proper training and the right tools for their job. Our longtime staff carries out their duties with pride and expertise giving our customers the best experience possible. Talk to us to find out how our reliable and affordable services can help your business.

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