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E-CS Staff Appreciation Day

November 24, 2017 - This day, E-CS brought all the staff together to our office premise organizing the 2017 Staff Appreciation Day to acknowledge and appreciate their hard work with the company.

As most of our staff are at site working, they hardly had the chance to come to office so we held the staff event at our Toa Payoh office.

The event started with the Director giving her speech of thanks to the staff. We have Karaoke Singing Competition and found that there were actually many hidden talents in our staff. Games were played using cleaning products to further explain to the staff the purpose & usage of it and we could see them enjoying themselves.

One of the special event that evening was the Long Service Award given to two of our staff who was with the company the day the company started – 16 years of service! We really thanked them for staying with us the past 16 years.

We have some special prizes given to the most Best Dressed for the night, the most Innovative Staff and the most Indispensable Staff. The night ended with lucky draws and we could see the beaming faces when their names were called.

We were glad to receive feedback from staff that they enjoyed themselves that night and looking forward to another event organized by E-CS for Year 2018.

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