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E-CS Return Back To Society Day

November 24, 2017 - This day, E-CS distributed 200 packets of Nasi Bryani and Chicken Rice as a form of Return Back To Society Day.

As done annually, 3 Days before the lunch packet distribution, we went round the 4 blocks at Toa Payoh Industrial Park putting flyers into the letterbox of every unit. A banner was also being hung at 3 individual locations to inform of the lunch packet distribution.

We prepared ourselves ready and waited for the people to come to collect their lunch packet. We have tables & chairs available for those who like to have their lunch there. By 2pm, all lunch packets were distributed out.

The reason why we are distributing lunch packet to the people in Toa Payoh Industrial Park is because there are many foreign workers working in that area. Many a times, we see them having their meals consisting of only plain rice and gravy. It is not that they are not able to buy themselves a decent meal but that they are sacrificing not having a good meal for themselves in order to save money to send back to their hometown.

E-CS hopes that this little doing on our part does bring a smile to the people who came that day for the lunch.

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