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E-CS 2017 Caring Project @ Bright Hill – Evergreen Home

Bright Hill – Evergreen Home, a non-profit nursing home was chosen for E-CS 2017 Caring Project.

The home rely on the generosity of the public to help them continue to provide nursing home facility to the needy elderly. Supports can come in many ways, such as bringing the elderly out to places of interest, sponsoring meals & simple bonding with them like playing games & having sing along session.

On November 18, 2017, we visited the home, spending time with the elderly talking to them, feeding them, playing games and ending with a sing along session with them.

In our volunteer group that day, were 3 young volunteers, two aged 11 and one 17. We were very proud of them seeing them feeding the elderly and bonding with them. It is at such young age that they were taught what caring is about so that when they grow up, they continue to practice it bringing care and warmth to others and the society.

E-CS also sponsored Bee Hoon and Mee Sua to the home that day.

A worth-while project that hit on us that one day, we too, will grow old, encountering difficulties not being able to perform simple task that we were able to when we were younger and that we would need to be cared for, by our children in our golden years should we lose our ability to take care of ourselves.

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